Power Source

​64 volt

700 amp controller

Dash mounted battery fuel gauge

On board charger

-13​° F to 135° F operating temperature

​Thermal protection cutoff

Drivetrain  & Suspension

​On Demand 4-wheel drive

Heavy duty rear leaf springs

Inner and outer CV joints on both half shafts

Heavy duty 2 speed limited slip rear axle

MacPherson style front suspension

Rack and pinion steering​

The Stealth Commander 4x4 - the most aggressive and highest performing 6 seater vehicle in the industry featuring a new 2 speed limited slip rear axle.  Sure, Commander has seating and payload to spare, but it also has power to spare.  With it's 64 volt motor and on demand four wheel drive it holds it's own and then some. 

Stealth Commander 4x4 - Real Power.  Real Quiet. 


Chassis, Body, Wheels & Tires

​All aluminum frame

16 body colors plus camo

12" wheels

23" off-road tires​​

4 passenger seating converts to a flat bed
Head and tail lights