Stealth's History

In 2003, the owners of American Outdoor Products (AOP) Wayne Thurmon & Gary Bias, made the decision to sell electric utility vehicles.  Due to the demand for a quiet hunting vehicle, the owners researched the availability of electric hunting vehicles and found only foreign made products.   Shortly thereafter, AOP began retailing some of the foreign made products.

Almost immediately, AOP began experiencing significant problems with the foreign products.  In fact every unit sold experienced a major problem and two experienced serious fire damage.  By late 2003, AOP discontinued selling some of the vehicles.  However, they continued to have a high demand for electric hunting vehicles.

In 2004, the AOP owners developed the design for what would ultimately become the Stealth all electric vehicle.  With their strong mechanical & manufacturing backgrounds, the AOP owners were able to construct the first 50 units with components purchased “off the shelf.”  These first 50 vehicles were sold in 2004 and were marketed to local hunters. 

In 2005, various improvements were made to the product and sales improved to approximately 80 units. 

By 2006, the base vehicle had under gone several upgrades and many improvements and sales increased to 100 vehicles for the year.  2 of these units were sold to Dr. Robert Robinson and William Krutzer of Monroe, Louisiana.  Dr. Robinson and William Krutzer were so impressed with the quality and performance of their purchase(s), by late 2007 they entered into discussions with the AOP owners for the purpose of expanding the manufacturing and marketing of Stealth vehicles.

In October of 2007, Stealth Manufacturing LLC. was charted and Dr. Robinson, William Krutzer, Wayne Thurmon, Gary Bias, and Bill Phillips shared the ownership.  The original business plan called for the production and sale of 120 vehicles as a “proof of concept” exercise.  If the concept proved viable, the business plan was outlined to allow additional capital to be acquired in order to expand production and marketing.

In December of 2007, Stealth Manufacturing LLC commenced operations in a 6,900 square foot vacant potato warehouse.  Soon after opening, it became apparent sales would far exceed the 120 vehicles proof of concept exercise.

In February of 2008, a suitable building was located and Stealth’s personnel and assets moved into the current plant site located in West Monroe, Louisiana. 

In April of 2008, the first Stealth product produced at the West Monroe facility rolled off the production line.

From April of 2008, thru December of 2008, Stealth Manufacturing LLC produced and sold approximately 600 vehicles, established 70 plus dealers and distributors in 28 states.  Product improvements also continued; including a complete redesign of the vehicle’s front wheel drive system, rear suspension, and drive shaft.  In addition, Stealth Manufacturing LLC initiated proprietary manufacturing of the vehicle’s suspension components, as well as design and production of a completely new aluminum frame.

In June of 2008, Stealth Manufacturing LLC entered into a television program sponsorship agreement with Primos Hunting Product regarding the highly rated, nationally televised hunting program “Truth about Whitetails.”

In February of 2009, Stealth Manufacturing LLC introduced the XR, extended range line.  These vehicles established the “gold standard” for performance, range, and reliability.  The 4x4 XR has an advertised range of 45 miles on a single charge and 55 miles per charge for the 4x2 XR.  During testing, both models consistently outperformed the advertised ranges; the 4x4 XR traveled in ranges in excess of 50 miles per charge and the 4x2 XR traveled in excess of 60 miles per charge.  Also during this timeframe, Stealth Manufacturing LLC introduced their Industrial Electric Utility Vehicle, also known as the “Izzy.”  The Izzy was developed exclusively towards the industrial customer whose unmatched demand for a dependable, maintenance-free site transportation vehicle had previously gone unfulfilled.  The first 50 vehicles were delivered in March of 2009 to the Bollinger Ship Yards along the Gulf Coast.

On February 22, 2013, Stealth Manufacturing LLC closed it's doors, leaving thousands of units in the field with no factory support.  Stealth 4x4 Parts acquired the inventory that was left in the Austell, GA manufacturing warehouse.  In July 2017 we acquired the intellectual property of Stealth Manufacturing paving the way to once again build what we believe are the best electric vehicles on the market.